Welcome to The American Sports Museum

Bringing to Chicago, the nation’s most innovative museum: a sports museum combining popular memorabilia, fascinating educational components, hands-on exhibitions, and a high-tech experience unmatched by any other cultural institution.


  • To create non-traditional learning opportunities—in subjects from science to history to race relations and political science—for millions of visitors to Chicago, young & old, and for Chicago Public School students, students from Illinois and all over the Midwest.
  • To bring a new world-class cultural institution, and the economic benefits that go with it, to Chicago. Chicagoans crave and deserve additional cultural and educational opportunities.  A cultural institution such as the one described here can bring many economic benefits to the City of Chicago including new jobs—construction and permanent—new tax revenues, and new tourism dollars. 
  • To invigorate the museum industry, letting Chicago lead the way in redefining museums for the next century.

Sports are integral to the fabric of this country. Sports are a human institution, a universal phenomenon, which serves to instill a sense of belonging or meaning to many individuals’ lives. 

Education is the silver bullet to reducing poverty and growing our economy—and education is changing before our eyes.

How can we use sports to simultaneously entertain visitors and further education? Read on...