The ASM Team

Marc Lapides, Founder

Marc Lapides is a 20+ year marketing and museum professional in the great City of Chicago. Most recently, Marc was the Chief Marketing and Development Officer at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. Marc is a veteran of leading Chicago companies Cosi Restaurants and Redbox, and top advertising agencies Leo Burnett, DraftFCB, Razorfish and TPN (The Promotion Network). 

Board of Directors

Ira Stahlberger, Senior Vice President, IMG Worldwide
Ira Stahlberger is a Senior Vice President at IMG Worldwide where he began working in 2009. At IMG, Ira helps top athletes build their brands and manage their marketing endeavors. Before joining IMG, Ira was the Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Intersport Television. With IMG, Ira has worked with a plethora of top athletes including Joe Mauer, Peyton Manning, Matthew Stafford, Terry Bradshaw, and Erin Andrews. 

Gary Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, EZLinks Golf Inc.
Gary Cohen is the Chief Executive Officer of EZLinks Golf, a PGA Tour affiliated company and the leading developer of golf course technology. A specialist in growth acceleration of consumer entertainment companies, before joining EZLinks, Gary held executive roles with AOL, Redbox, Six Degrees Capital Management, and MusicNow.    

Willie Wilkov, Chief Marketing Officer, PlayFusion
Willie Wilkov is the Chief Marketing Officer of PlayFusion, a start-up pioneering the next generation of connected interactive entertainment.  Willie is a global marketing communications executive with 20+ years of experience growing $1B brands. Prior to joining PlayFusion, Willie spent six years at Tomy International, also as Chief Marketing Officer, as VP of Marketing at the Sun-Times News Group, and Chicago ad agencies Draft and Leo Burnett.